Exclusive Leads

Our lead generation service delivers high quality EXCLUSIVE leads directly to your inbox. No more worrying about competing with multiple attorneys for the same lead.

Geo-Targeted Leads

Our lead generation process includes the ability to Geo-Target potential clients guaranteeing you receive cases in your area. We can target by state, city, even by zip code.

Niche Specific Leads

REMSocial currently specializes in obtaining high quality leads for personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, and real estate attorneys. Specializing in these four areas allows us to maximize our return on investment which allows us to sell leads at a fair rate.

Helping Small Firms Grow

The legal industry can be one of the most competitive when it comes to digital marketing.

Surveys shows 65% of law firms spend most of their marketing budget online, and the average CPC (cost per click) is a staggering $135! (that's not a lead, just a click)

To stay competitive in the digital age small firms are going to have to become smarter in order to avoid digging deeper into their pockets.

Our strategies not only help small firms save money but also valuable time that can be spent on other tasks that can help grow your firm.

Stick with the same process and get the same results, or decide that it's time for your firm to grow and try new things.

Contact us today and let's get started!